Monday, October 14, 2013

school days!

The fence rows are now lined with freshly washed uniforms!  
As a child I remember that the last day of school was one of my favorite days of the year.  I loved knowing that I had the entire summer to swim, play outside, and simply have fun with my family and friends.  Here the last day of school is so different.  The children don't celebrate the last day and always look so depressed when they walk home.  The children know that the they are truly blessed to have the opportunity to go to school and it isn't something they take for granted.  They love that they get to learn and that their teachers truly care about them.  In school they are challenged to do and be more.  They are presented with the opportunity to dream.  And while school is in session each child receives a meal each and every day.  This is huge.  They no longer have to wonder or worry about if they will be able to eat that day.  I truly believe that one of the ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education.  Knowing that these children are learning to read, write, and how to mentally process and work through different problems makes me so proud and excited for each of them.  School officially started October 2nd and it has been so fun to have all the students back on campus.  I love that the playground is once again full with kiddos running around and that you can't walk anywhere without hearing the the chatter of kids!  Praying for each of these children as the school year begins.  Praying that their little minds will absorb all the new information and that they will grow spiritually too.  Also praying for their teachers as they truly help to grow this next generation of leaders, nurses, teachers, doctors, construction workers, pastors, and so much more!   
Yes- even here there is always that "one" kiddo that just likes
to cause a little trouble- I mean what is wrong with sitting under
the table at lunch?!