Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why wouldn't Davidson's afternoon snack be bread and coffee!?  Ironically enough, his grandmother sent him home with me after he finished his snack=)
Friday afternoons are never dull or quiet in my house!  These three had fun wrestling with the blanket on the couch and then cheered like crazy when they saw I bought a new bottle of ketchup=)  It's the little things in life!  
A friend sent me some packages of pock rock candy!  LOVE doing fun things with my friends here!  Watching the expressions on their faces as the candy "popped" in their mouths was priceless…we laughed a lot that afternoon!
When you are four and you stub your toe it's a pretty BIG deal.  Thankfully we were able to find a piece of plastic to tie around her toe before it got too serious=)  Not sure if my years in nursing school were geared towards this or not..ha.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

There are some moments that will never cease to make me stop and smile.  Stepping in my dear friends home and seeing little Saina sound asleep in the laundry basin is one of those moments.  This little one has the most joy filled personality.  The only time she isn't "talking" and smiling is when she is asleep.  And those cheeks.  Oh she has the most kissable cheeks ever.  Love getting to watch this sweet girl grow!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

nursing interns

Amy, Ashley, and Sommer made lots of friends in the village!  Love that Indiana Wesleyan University is encouraging its nursing students to serve and learn about other cultures.   Each of these young women are going to be amazing nurses that provide more than just medical care.  They truly love people and are gifted in serving.   
This summer I had the privilege of working with 6 nursing students.  One of my favorite things is working with nursing students.  I love getting to show them more than just skills and what nursing looks like in the hospital.  I love watching them experience Haiti and learn to think outside of the box.  Each of these young women truly stepped up and jumped right into life here in Haiti.  They loved and served each person they met.  They asked questions and they desired to learn about the culture and life here.  Each of them has a heart for serving the Lord and I know that their stories are just beginning.  I'm thankful that they chose to say "yes" and for all of the help they gave me this summer.  
Kelsey was instantly loved by all the staff and kiddos.  The silly look on Kris' face says it all- the kids had SO much fun playing with Kelsey!  The kids still ask about her and want her to come back to play=)
Kara has a gift for loving little ones!  She was a pro at stealing any baby=)  Loved watching her learn to be bold and speak Creole with our patients!  She did an amazing job teaching the medications!
Hannah was the last intern to arrive and she jumped right into helping get the clinic organized after the move!  She had a special way of loving the kiddos and they were literally drawn to her.  They are going to miss having "Anna" here!