Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May newsletter!

 The May newsletter has finally been mailed!  Click on the link below for the web version of the newsletter.  Let me know (brookes_00@yahoo.com) if you would like to feel extra special and receive a copy in the mail!

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In February I admitted one of the smallest little girls into the malnutrition program.  I remember when I first met her mom at a mobile clinic up in the mountain.  As soon as I saw her daughter I knew she was severely malnourished. I talked with her mom and asked her a lot of questions.  I didn’t spend a lot of time sugar coating my words with this momma because I wanted her to realize just how sick her daughter truly was.  I explained to her how I would be able to help her daughter but also told her that she would have to choose to come and receive the help.  And that ultimately she needed to grasp on to the hands of the Lord because her daughter was so very sick.  The day her mother came to clinic to have her admitted into program felt like a victory to me.  I felt that I could celebrate because Lovekenda's mom made the sacrifice to actually come and follow through with what had been offered.  Her mother quickly hugged me and said that she had not been able to sleep since we first met.  She said she had spent many nights thinking over the things we had talked about.  It was all I could do to hold myself together as I went through the admission process with Lovekenda and her momma.  I had a really hard time getting her length on the board we use to measure the children because her hips were so boney which made her body just roll to the side.  I was encouraged at the fact that this sweet girl still had enough energy to scream as I tried to weigh her but the sight of her naked body on the scale was enough to take my breath away.  The Lord blessed me with visiting team members who offered to pray over this mother and her daughter before they left the clinic.  As the prayer ended Lovekenda’s mother started praying too.  She prayed a blessing over each person in the room and she asked the Lord to bless those who made this work possible.  She thanked the Lord for bringing her to our clinic and for her daughter.  Because of how the malnutrition appointments fall I knew I wouldn’t see this mother and child for three weeks.  Oh was it a long three weeks!  Right on schedule this sweet momma came walking into our clinic with Lovekenda in her arms.  I instantly thanked the Lord and then lifted the blanket that was covering her head.  She gained exactly 2.99 pounds in three weeks!!  Even though Lovekenda still had a long ways to go I chose to spend that morning rejoicing with her momma.  Rejoicing and celebrating the work that the Lord had done and was still doing in this little girls body.  On Monday Lovekenda graduated from the malnutrition program.  Her momma was proud to tell me all the things her daughter is now able to do.  And told me that others can't believe just how big she now is and how well she is doing.  So thankful that there is a community of people supporting the malnutrition program and health clinic at NVM both financially and through prayer.  Love watching the little ones grow as they progress through the malnutrition program!  

Monday, May 18, 2015


These are some "snapshots" that were originally posted on instagram (smalleybrooke).  I hope you enjoy getting a look into some of the sweet moments of my days=)
During the last few months of my friends pregnancy her daughter Kris was extra needy and cuddly
with me.  For months I prayed about the upcoming delivery and transition for this feet family.  Kris has had
my heart for a long time and watching her struggle wasn't easy.  Just hours after my friend delivered this
sweet new little one Kris practically pulled me into their home.  It has  been such a blessing to watch as Kris has fallen completely head over heals with her baby sister.  Love watching the Lord work in the lives of my friends!
This picture was taken on our Labor/Agriculture holiday which meant no school for the kiddos and
no clinic for me!  Wearing a uniform to school day after day must be boring for Rose because this day she
 chose to let her inner spunk shine by wearing her "fancy" dress!  The tackier the better when you are five!
Love the sticky kisses that come with mango season!  Rosemene didn't waste one bite of her mango!
A fun evening outside with Rose!  You really can't go wrong with
bubbles, a slide, and side walk chalk!
Learned a new version of tic-tac-toe with the children.  Needless to say I go treat quite a few times.  
Daniella and Rosemelie decided to come for a visit.  It's amazing how my cozy little home can become
 wild and crazy with these two!  Not quite sure when they got old enough to come and visit me all on their
 own but I have a feeling this won't be the last time!  Oh and I'll confess- I stood right where I hugged and
 kissed them on the road until I couldn't see them anymore- I'm not ready for my kids to grow up.
The 1st of May is Labor/Agriculture day in Haiti!  The preschool and kindergarten classes were busy
planting different plants for several weeks.  The plants went home with the students just recently…I have
a feeling quite a few of them will have a short life if they are watered like the one on the left=)

Monday, May 11, 2015


When Moise and his momma came to our clinic June 5, 2014 I don't think his mom had any clue of what all would really happen. Leslee was instantly struck by how kind his mother was and went to work trying to find a hospital/surgeon through the Haiti expat community to help repair Moise's cleft lip and pallet. In the end it was a Mercy Ships connection which led us to a surgeon that would be coming to Haiti. Oh what a privilege it has been to watch this little guy grow over the last ten months.  Getting to watch Moise develop a personality and watch as a community of health care providers from around the world joined together to care for him has been amazing.  Little Moise and his momma didn't just impact the staff in our clinic but rather the people at each appointment fell in love with him too.