Saturday, May 31, 2014

i'm back!

The door to my house was all decorated for my return to Haiti!  
Sisters Mila and Yarley all dressed up for prom!
I'm back in Haiti after what seemed like a whirlwind trip to Indiana!  I'm always amazed at just how quickly life moves in the States- there is always something to do and someplace to go!  The longer I'm gone though, the more I realize what I truly miss is time with my family and friends.  Sure, I miss having lots of different foods, my independence, and a Target (oh, how I miss Target!) nearby.  But even more so, I miss not being a part of my family and friend's daily lives.  I loved that I got to go to my sister-in-law's graduation- so proud of Crystal!!  And my sister Mila had prom!  It was so fun helping her get ready and watching as her group of friends headed off to a fun weekend of events.  I got to spend a lot of time with my nieces which was just what this Aunt loves.  I was even in town over grand-persons day at Madison and Caitlin's school which was a lot of fun to attend.  I also got to spend an entire week with my youngest niece Ava.  My nieces really are the cutest and smartest kids out there!  I also got to help my mom plant lots of flowers and her garden.  I forgot just how much I used to love working outside in the garden and in my flower beds that I used to have at my house.  It was nice being outside when the temperatures weren't unbearable and there was no humidity!  The time went too quickly but I was also ready to head back home to my Haitian family.  

My nieces Caitlin, Madison, and Ava.  
Oh how I missed these little faces!
I missed all these little faces while I was gone and love that I am back home again with them.  They all had lots to tell me and were pretty excited to hear that I wouldn't be leaving again for awhile.  I traveled back to Haiti with two of the nursing students who will be interning in our medical clinic at NVM this summer.  Lindsey and Carli have already jumped right into life here and have made lots of friends in the village.  It always amazes me how quickly the nursing interns pick up on the language and how eager they are to learn.
Lindsey is a senior nursing student at Purdue.  She was a nursing
intern in the clinic last year too.  LOVE having her back in Haiti!!
Carli is a senior nursing student at IU.  If you saw her in the clinic
and village you would have no idea that this is her first time to Haiti and
her first missions experience.  She has already made lots of friends and is learning lots!
 One of the nurses I live and work with got engaged recently.  I couldn't be more excited for Katherine and Chris!  All of the women on staff at NVM decided it would be fun to have a surprise bridal shower for Katherine.  I love that I was able to celebrate with Katherine and that I get to serve with such an amazing group of women.  Living away from my friends and family that live in Indiana is hard and yet I feel completely blessed to also have a huge family in the Haitian and American's that I live and serve with.
Myself, Katherine, and Leslee.  I am blessed to not only
work with them but to also have them as my friends!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

afternoon visits

Renalto is very loved!
One of my new favorites moments in the afternoons is when I ask the kiddos if they want to go on a walk.  They typically jump up and down yelling "wi, wi" and then race off to get dressed for the adventure.  There have been several new babies born in the last few months near where a majority of my little friends live.  They love visiting the new little ones and think it's absolutely hilarious to talk to the infants.  They all crowd around and proclaim just how cute the new little one is.  Renalto is one of our favorite little guys.  He is so happy and is always full of giggles when we visit.  The kids all gather in as close as they can get and do everything possible to get him to laugh at them.  It's precious watching them talk to him and how he responds to them.  The kids love getting to touch his feet and hands.  It is one of the highlights of their day when we find out that Renalto isn't napping and we can all crowd into his home for a visit!  In many ways it seems like just yesterday all of my kiddos were infants and toddlers.  Oh they have grown up so quickly!  I love knowing that before long Renalto and the others will be tagging along to visit another home and joining in on singing the color songs and learning to count.  Love these precious moments with my little friends!
The momma's wanted to get a picture of them sitting!
Clearly they needed a little help=)