Sunday, April 3, 2016

we went swimming!

I'm always thankful that there are other people I live life with that welcome the chaos of my kiddos and let us do fun and crazy things with them!  One of the other missionary families recently got a kid sized blow up pool and they invited my kiddos to come for a swim!  I can't even tell you just how excited my kids were when they heard me say yes to the invitation=)  I've literally never seen them finish their food and change clothes so quickly…I seriously had to tell them to wait on me before we could leave the house!  Daniella and Rose were completely brave and jumped right into the pool.  Davidson looked at it and instantly said he wasn't getting in there..but quickly changed his mind once he saw the fun the girls were having=)  I have no great photos of Rose in the pool because that would have required her to sit still for more than one second and trust me she wasn't about to stop moving in this pool!  I am also pretty sure she didn't stop squealing from pure excitement for the first 15 minutes!  They loved getting to splash and jump in the pool and it wasn't until their lips wouldn't stop shivering that I could convince them to get out.  They also couldn't stop talking about how that pool made their hands and feet all wrinkly=)  I'm pretty sure this is going to be an event we talk about for a very long long time!    
Baby Saina LOVED splashing!