Saturday, January 31, 2015


"He has shown you, oh man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."- Micah 6:8

I have thought about blogging a lot over the last few weeks and every time I sit down to write I can't get the words out.  The things that are on my heart right now are so near and dear to me that everything just feels heavy.  Each day has been filled with working in the clinic and visiting my kiddos, friends with new babies, and friends who have have had family members pass away.  If I'm being honest I would tell you that so far I haven't been impressed with the start of 2015.  On Wednesday though I was reminded at just how faithful the Lord is with providing for each of us and in ways that are far bigger than we could ever even dream of.  

Wednesday was the day all the children in our malnutrition program had an appointment.  I first met Nachca and her aunt back in October.  I remember placing Nachca's limp and lifeless body on the scale and mentally telling myself that I had to stay strong in that moment.  I looked at her aunt and simply asked her if she was a believer, to which she quietly nodded yes.  Nachca was seven months old and weighed just 5.72 pounds.  She quickly won the "award" for being one of the smallest in our malnutrition program and because of that I was afraid.  As I talked with her aunt tears rolled down my face, in my head I knew Nachca wouldn't make it because she was just too small.  But in my heart I couldn't give up hope.  So I prayed and so many other people from all over joined in on praying for Nachca.  I dreamt about this sweet little girl every night for two weeks.  It wasn't until I saw her at her appointment that I finally was able to take a deep breath.  Nachca was alive and even more so than that she had the energy to cry and protest when I needed to get her measurements and weight.  I knew from that moment on this little girl was a fighter and that the Lord had worked a miracle in her life.  Her aunt was literally glowing and was SO proud.  It didn't take long for Nachca to not even look like the same little girl I met just weeks before.  All of a sudden her body started to transform and before long she became this chubby little girl!  Nachca is now ten months old and weighs 15.26 pounds.  She is no longer content just being held but rather loves to crawl all around the house and now even pulls her body up to stand along the furniture and water buckets.  Her aunt said it's a full-time job cleaning up the messes she makes!

The most beautiful part of Nachca's story is that this sweet little girl has been a sign of hope in her neighborhood and church.  Her aunt told me that no one believed she would live and yet now they see just how faithful the Lord has been and how He has answered their prayers.  Watching Nachca's aunt care for her and truly become her mother has been such a blessing.  The last few weeks have been emotionally really hard and yet on Wednesday as I held Nachca I was reminded of just how faithful and present the Lord truly is.