Sunday, June 28, 2015

more snapshots!

I might be slightly partial but I'm convinced that listening to Saina find her "voice" is just the sweetest sound ever.  She now smiles, coo's, and even makes a little laughing noise.  Baby girl is growing up much too quickly already!
For some reason I'm finding it much easier to write about some of the smaller moments of my everyday life and to share the stories with pictures.  I hope you enjoy getting a look into some of these sweet moments with my friends!  These pictures are taken from my instagram (smalleybrooke)--feel free to follow along there for more updates and stories!
We cheered and gave thanks to the Lord when sweet Rose learned to walk just a few weeks ago.  For two weeks this little lady wouldn't sit still but rather thought she was one of the "big" kids.  Her first fall was a big one and required a trip on a moto with her grandma to the hospital.  I prayed and prayed that her leg wasn't broken but deep down I knew it was.  They returned the next day with confirmation that the leg was indeed broken and a fancy cast.  A big heavy cast won't keep this spirited girl down though.  She still wanted to come along for our morning walk and visit with other friends.  Oh and of course stopping to get some cookies was a must too.  
Daniella was pretty proud to show me the chalk drawing she made of ME this afternoon!  Always fun watching my kiddos create, even when that means seeing what they think I look like=)
I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve with Amy, Ashley, and Sommer this month.  I love when nursing students get to come and serve in our clinic!  Each of them not only worked hard in the clinic but really jumped right into life with my kiddos in the village.  The children are going to be very disappointed when they realize they won't be  visiting every afternoon!   
If I'm not already holding him this is my view whenever I look down.  Oh this boy is just full of spunk!  He is literally all boy and isn't interested in anything unless he can tie it up, kick it, or pee on it.  He claimed my heart back when he didn't feel the need to wipe off my kisses.  Davidson has me wrapped right around all of his ten fingers and toes and I'm 100% ok with that.  I feel so blessed to have been given a spot in this little guys life.  
I'm just going to be honest, malnutrition sucks.  And yet right in the middle of the hard of it all is when I get to watch as a family starts to heal.  When the children go from barely surviving to thriving.  When the children that used to come into the clinic with no energy to smile or laugh all of a sudden have the energy to play and tickle each other.  There was so much laughter between these four siblings today.  The story for this family isn't "easy" and it's actually still really messy.  And yet, I'm filled with so much hope because today I watched as the kids played, laughed, and shared suckers with each other.