Tuesday, February 9, 2016

picture updates!

Do you see it??  Baby girl has a TOOTH!  The kids made sure to warn me that she knows how to bite now too=)  This sweet girl is growing up much too quickly!  She crawls everywhere, waves goodbye, and is now able to go from sitting to standing all by herself!  Oh and I promise she wasn't left alone with the jump rope--she is determined to do everything the big kids are!
The last few months have been filled with LOTS of growth and change for Fado!  In October he weighed just 14.58 pounds at 2yrs and 3 months of age.  He was unable to walk and had very little energy to play.  Today he is up to 21.58 pounds and is literally thriving!  He is now walking and is starting to talk more too! And just recently his momma took him to get his hair cut!  he no looks SO grown up!  It has been such a blessing watching this little guy go from being energy less to now walking everywhere and into absolutely everything!

The Target dollar aisle has helped to make doing homework just a little more fun!  Rose has grown so much this school year and LOVES learning to write her letters and numbers!  Love coming up with creative ways to make learning more fun for this sweet girl!