Sunday, November 30, 2014

november newsletter!

 The November newsletter has been mailed!  Click on the link below for the web version of the newsletter.  Let me know ( if you would like to feel extra special and receive a copy in the mail!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

sweet anderson

Anderson and his momma.
(Photo taken 6/17/14)
(Photo taken 6/17/14)
Every child in the malnutrition program is special to me for different reasons.  I remember the first time I met sweet little Anderson.  He was fifteen months old and weighed just 9.57 pounds.  Anderson didn't have the energy to crawl, walk, or even play like a normal toddler would.  He loved to be held though and would literally just melt right into your arms.  He instantly won over the hearts of all the clinic staff!  While being admitted into the malnutrition program his mommas story began to unfold.  She was seventeen years old and Anderson was her first child.  She was no longer able to go to school and spent her days caring for her little boy.  His momma had this spark about her but at the same time seemed very discouraged and defeated.  I knew people talked badly about her and looked down on her.  I could tell the things they said really hurt her in a way that she didn't actually want to talk about.  Somewhere deep inside Anderson's momma found the energy and desire to work really hard for him though.  This momma faithfully brought Anderson to be weighed, measured, and to get his Plumpy Nut (medically fortified peanut butter paste for children diagnosed with severe or moderate acute malnutrition) and milk every two weeks.  Anderson began to gain weight and before long he didn't even look like the same little boy.  I could see that she was an amazing mother and I prayed that before long the rest of her family and friends would see the same thing.  Week by week Anderson gained weight and he started to become more active.  When his mother brought him to the clinic for his last appointment I teased her that I didn't know who she brought with her.   I asked her to take that child outside and to please go home and get Anderson.  I told her that child was far too big and the Anderson I fell in love with was really small and you could see all his bones.  She just giggled and laughed out loud.  To be able to joke with his momma and to watch as she joined in was priceless.  This mom has truly stepped up and chosen to fight for her little guy.  She isn't acting like a teenager but like a mother, and this sweet little guy is now thriving.  Anderson is now a chunky 15.88 pounds!  He now has the energy to laugh, play, and cause all sorts of trouble for his mother!  He for sure doesn't want to just be cuddled anymore!
Love the smile on his momma's face!