Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Who doesn't love getting snacks?!
This has been a really sweet phase of life with all of my little friends.  It seems like absolutely everyday they have me literally in tears over something they say or do.  Life with a crazy and energetic filled group of kids is full and for sure leaves me tired at the end of the day!  One of the things my kids love to do most right now is clean my house.  Yes, you read that correctly, they literally beg to have me give each of them a wet wipe and then assign them to different areas of my house to clean.  And oh boy if someone cleans someone else's area it isn't pretty=)  They even have a song that they sing "cleaning, cleaning Brooke's house" as they rush around the house going through wet wipe after wet wipe.  I figure it would be mean to force them to play with the other toys instead of cleaning so I give in and let them clean=)  There was also a big soccer match on campus this week.  The youth group aged kids love getting dressed up and having a social event to attend.  My younger kids all claim to love soccer games too.  I'm pretty sure they just come for the snacks that are sold at the event though and that they know they can con me into buying them whatever is being sold.  Of course, they have spent all week cleaning my house so I guess it's only fair they get some popcorn and slushy's out of the deal=)  Life with this group is never dull and yet there is something about the chaos that seems just perfect!
Just having a little fun while cleaning the house…haha.