Sunday, January 31, 2016


Doutchina (2yrs 11 months)
 Admit (top two pics) 10/14/15 @ 17.46#
11/17/15 (bottom two pics) @ 20.46#
From the moment I Doutchina's mother I could tell that she was an amazing and strong woman.  This mother loved her daughter but she needed someone to help her fight because her daughter had become very sick.  Her mom tried to take her to the hospital multiple times but each and every time she was told there was no space for her daughter.  She told me she kept hearing the Lord tell her to not loose hope or to become discouraged though.  It was after being refused at the fourth hospital that this momma met another woman in a tap tap (form of a taxi/public transportation) who told her to come to our clinic in Chambrun.

Doutchina was placed in the malnutrition program at NVM and for the first two appointments this sweet little girl cried non-stop.  Her little body hurt and she just didn't feel well.  Doutchina's momma had to force her to eat the Plumpy Nut (fortified peanut butter paste for children with severe/moderate acute malnutrition) and to drink the milk.  This momma never gave up though and eventually Doutchina started to gain weight and have more energy.  All of a sudden Doutchina started to blossom into this really sweet girl who once again could walk, talk, smile, and who carried a purse to her appointments!  The best day was when Doutchina told me that she was finally able to return to school!

Once Doutchina had met all the requirements to graduate from the malnutrition program her mother was given a small gift of pictures.  These pictures showed Doutchina at admission and how her body changed as she progressed through the program.  Most moms get SO excited to look through the photos but Doutchina's mom was different.  When I handed her the photos she thanked me and then as she began to open the baggie she broke down.  This momma had remained as hopeful and strong for as long as she could but in this moment there was no holding it in.  She sobbed as she looked at the photo of her daughter when she was admitted into the program.  She looked me in the eyes and through tears she said the Lord is so faithful and then she hugged me.  The hug wasn't one of those quick hugs but rather one that told me just how thankful she was.  This momma had all our staff in tears.  Most all of the children enter the program sick, frail, and lacking energy.  Rarely are the kids meeting the developmental milestones like sitting up, crawling, walking and talking like other children their age are doing.  The parents enter the program tired, broken, and defeated.  And yet, this little girl was graduating as a kid who is now back in school and who no longer cries out in pain.  Through tears we were able to give thanks for what the Lord had done and was doing not only through Doutchina but through her entire family.  So thankful for the opportunity to love and serve this sweet family!
Graduated:  1/13/16 @ 21.75#
This girl has style!!