Saturday, April 18, 2015

field trip!

 I have been promising the kids for months now that we would take another "field trip" to campus to play on the playground.  These trips take a whole lot of patience because well, trying to keep twenty or so kids together on the road and entertained on the playground can be slightly challenging!  The children reminded me the other day that I once again promised to bring them to play during their spring break from school.  They let me know that school was almost ready to start again so we really needed to go this week.  I told them that the next morning I would come and get them all extra early.  As soon as I walked into the village the kids went crazy and ran off to bathe and get dressed.  Getting twenty kids bathed, dressed (some in fancy church outfits because this is a BIG deal!), and with something on their feet is no easy task.  Thankfully the kids all worked together and before long we were on the road!  It almost felt like we were headed off to camp because they sang songs and danced the entire way to campus.  Everyone who passed us on the road just laughed and waved.  The kids spent over two hours running up and down the slides and having a great time.  Snacks were a highlight for some of them too.  We made sure to head back to the village before some of the younger ones got too tired because they are getting too big to be carried.  All in all it was a morning filled with lots of laughter, fun, and adventure!
Going up the slide is just as much fun as going down it=)
Just how many kiddos can go down a curly slide together...

Monday, April 6, 2015

snapshots from the last week!

 When the rice and sauce are almost finished being cooked it isn't unusual to see kiddos (or animals) just waiting outside of the kitchen in hopes of getting a portion.  Davidson is a professional at knowing where the food is!  He knows that Natacha will always give him a spoon full of rice or some beans that have been cooked.
 Rainy season has officially started!  It has been raining every night which can make for muddy walks to the village!  Between the mud, thorns, and rocks my sandals never last very long here=)
Sweet moment of watching women work together to care for one of the mommas in the village who just had a baby.  This momma normally sells charcoal every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in order to provide for her family.  The other women are now taking her donkey loaded with charcoal to the market for her so she can remain in the home with the baby.  Love watching the village of women surround and support this momma!