Sunday, July 26, 2015

surprise renovation!

My kitchen space before (I had a dorm style fridge in the open spot..the guys worked so quickly that I didn't get a good before pic!). 
You know those TV shows where a crew of people pull up to your house, kick you out of the house, and renovate your home while you are gone?  I never really thought that was more than just a dream until this last week. A new family has moved to campus and they were able to design and install a kitchen in their appartment. Not only did they do this in their space though they also talked with me about building a kitchen in my appartment. If you have ever been to Haiti you know that nothing works quickly. "Haiti time" is a phrase for a reason. Well some of my dear friends were on campus and heard about the kitchen idea and literally ran with it. One day it was a possibility and the next I had a refrigerator and gas stove in the middle of my house. On Friday they locked me out of my house and literally worked all day without stopping. They installed a new outlet, ran water to install a kitchen sink (that has a fancy sprayer and two sides!), installed the gas stove, built a shelf, and built a beautiful counter in ONE day. In one day my appartment was transformed into a home. I no longer need to wash dishes in my bathroom sink!  I now am able to cook and bake and entertain in my home. And the refrigerator is HUGE!  It has been so much fun getting to organize and set up the space. I have also spent a lot of time just sitting and admiring it too:) So thankful to have people that worked so hard to serve me. That desired to create a space for me that is literally so beautiful and like a retreat from life. To say that I am spoiled is a complete understatement.
The finished kitchen!!  
Washing dishes has never been SO much fun!!  
First party in my new kitchen!  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

sweet moments

Recently I watched as my kiddos pretended to pile on a "moto" to head off to market.  With pretend money in their pockets they promised to return with rice, cookies, and of course candy.  I could sit and just listen to them laugh and giggle all day.  It's sweet moments like these that fuel my soul.  It's moments like this that make all the hard and heavy of living in Haiti seem 100% worth it.  These kiddos have captured my heart and I feel honored and privileged to get to live life with them.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

new clinic!

The pharmacy!  The new pharmacy is huge and has so much storage!
When I moved to Haiti in 2011 there was talk of the new health center.  Over the last few years lots of work has been done to prepare for the big move and opening of our new clinic space.  Last week I had the privilege of watching as so many people joined together to make this move possible.  Literally every person on campus jumped in to help pack up the old clinic space and prepare the new space for patients.  This move had me feeling like I was on an emotional roller coaster.  Part of me was so very excited and ready to have the bigger clinic space.  Part of me was also mourning the loss of a space where so many memories were made.  The old clinic wasn't fancy and didn't have luxuries like running water, tile floors, or fancy equipment.  That space though was where I watched my Haitain grandmother dance in the hall as she laughed and greeted each of us.  That space was where the dream of starting a malnutrition program was formed and where it truly all began with the first group of children.  It was in that space that a mother was surrounded in prayer by our church leaders as she mourned the loss of her daughter.  As I watched box after box of equipment and supplies get loaded into the truck I couldn't help but be thankful for the years spent working in that clinic space.  A visiting team and our summer interns jumped right in to love and support me throughout the move.  They were patient with me as they moved heavy things over and over (and I do mean multiple times..) until we found the perfect spot for them in the new health center.  They worked long hours sorting through and carrying box after box of supplies.  And oh did we have supplies and equipment to go through!  We were blessed to receive lots of new exam tables, desks, chairs, IV poles, and the list is literally endless.  Without the help of so many people the clinic would still be filled with just boxes!  The new clinic space has already had a long list of patients come through to receive medical care.  New memories are being made and as we slowly but surely get adjusted and settled this space is becoming our new "home."  I am truly thankful for each person who helped to make this move possible.  So many people donated time, money, and resources to make this possible.  Even the littlest details have been taken care of and for that I am beyond thankful.  
Triage room- patients get their blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, weight, and blood sugar (as needed) taken.  
Physician room- the rooms now have actual walls so the patients are able to speak with the physicians and have privacy!
This is a space for patients to receive IV fluids and for patients who are unable to sit while waiting to be seen.  On Friday the running water in the sink was used to bathe an infant who had a crazy high fever--feeling thankful to have the resources needed to provide excellent care. 
The vaccine and malnutrition (temporarily) room!  This room is located at the opposite end of the health center because this area is always filled with lots of unhappy babies/children=)
The warehouse on campus used to store the medications and supplies for the clinic- now we have SO much storage in the new health center so everything has been moved out of the warehouse!  Already this has been a huge blessing to have the supplies readily available in the health center!
Thanks to interns and team members the health center supplies and shelving were all moved out of the warehouse!  The shelving was too tall to fit into the truck so the interns got creative!  This move would not have been possible without all our interns!