Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter!

In the middle of a season that just feels extra hard I'm thankful that there is the hope that comes with Easter morning.  As I read through my devotions during this season of lent I was consistently reminded of how God used (to me) seemingly impossible situations to bring about redemption.  He took things that were beyond broken and put them back together.  Yes, it's easy for me to get overwhelmed at the injustice in front of me and at how I hate watching the hearts of my kiddos get pulled in different directions.  And yet, this day reminds me to hold on tightly to the Hope that only He can bring.  It reminds me that in Him all things are made new.  I'm thankful that this Easter Sunday was one spent with my kiddos and the other missionary families on campus.  I'm also thankful that I was able to talk to my family back home and that I got to see lots of pictures of my nieces and nephew looking all cute as they hunted eggs too.  Sweet new traditions were started this year and so many fun memories were made!  
Rose and Davidson LOVED searching for the eggs!
Rose found a money egg and couldn't stop giggling!
She has BIG plans as to what treats she wants to buy!
Discovering that the eggs were filled with candy led to LOTS of squealing!  
Douvens looking chubby and adorable!
The kids table at our Easter lunch!  

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