Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas!

 There is something extra special about celebrating the Christmas season with kids.  This year has been so much fun because the children were SO excited for December to get here so they could start decorating.  A few extra kiddos joined in on the decorating and it was pretty precious just sitting back and watching as they all helped each other get the house looking absolutely beautiful (and completely tacky!).  I've tried to make it a tradition to add new decorations to the bin each year and this year one of the new items was stockings.  My kiddos instantly put them on their feet which had me in tears laughing as they pranced around the living room stringing lights and decorating the tree.  I finally told them that the stockings weren't really meant to be worn on their feet but rather that they are typically hung up in your home and treats are placed in them.  They instantly wanted to know where the treats were and I realized that I hadn't quite planned everything out as much as I should have.  They keep me on my toes that is for sure!  
Nothing sweeter than little ones around the tree!
Even the window got decorated and looked quite fancy!
All dressed up for the Christmas party!
Another highlight in December is the school Christmas party.  This is an event that the children literally count down for and get SO excited for!  The Christmas party is an event where the children have the opportunity to get all dressed up and each class performs a song/dance/skit in front of everyone.  There is always a lot of music and of course dancing too!  The children are also fed a big meal and each child receives a present.  One of the preschool classes got whistles which I'm pretty sure the children didn't stop blowing from the moment they received them--their teachers had so much more patience than me--haha!  This day is one that the children know is all about them.  It's one where they are free to simply have fun and oh does it make my heart so happy just to watch them! 
One of the highlights of the party--the food and most importantly the meat!!
Watching the children remember and get excited about our little traditions was something that made this season extra special and fun.  Reading through the Christmas story and hearing their questions and thoughts was something that filled my heart in ways that only He can.  I love getting to celebrate with my kiddos and this year has been one that I know we will each remember.  I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I pray that this is a season where you feel His presence.  
My Christmas blessings!

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